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Railroad Tracks

Railroad tracks come in straight or curved and are made of steel with wooden ties and are of welded construction and  painted black, you can connect the tracks together to form a complete track set, the actual rails are connected together to form one complete section and can stand alone without wood for support, this makes the tracks easy to assemble.

Individual lawn tracks 

You can buy tracks separately or in sets. Straight tracks come in three different lengths and curved tracks come in two different lengths, 30 and 45 degree sections forming a circle with a diameter of 20 feet from center to center of the track with a total outside dimension of 21 feet 7 inches. 

Complete track sets  

You can purchase complete track sets in 12", 10", 7-1/2", 7-1/4", 4-3/4" and 3-1/2" Gauge with a 40, 30, 20 and 10 foot diameter and if you want a oval track just add straight tracks. Tracks are sold unpainted and with out the wooden ties.


      Switch Tracks      Purchase on  EBAY STORE 

This is a one piece switch track in 7-1/2 gauge, the rails are just a little wider than 7-1/2, they are 7-9/16. The radius of the curved section is 20 foot, the rails are made from 3/8 X 1 bar stock and the base is constructed of 11 gauge steel with angle iron support. You can use this track on a solid surface, The length is 79 inches X 38.5 wide 8 inches high with the sign removed, weight is 132 pounds. In the picture the switch track is painted yellow, the other connecting tracks are just for display and are not included in this auction.



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