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  Gas Powered Engine  

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  The gas powered engine sells foe $3500  

  Electric Powered Engine  

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  It sells for $2900  

HPIM0266R.jpg (139965 bytes) HPIM0277R.jpg (133104 bytes) This is the chassis for the engine

HPIM0284R.jpg (121760 bytes) This is the motor

It comes completely assembled.
The DC motor is a 24 volt, 750 watt.
Controls has a forward and reverse and a speed control dial all on a snake so it can be operated sitting on a car or standing next to it for ease of coupling.
No batteries or couplers come with engine.
The gauge is 7 1/2" but can be ordered in 7 1/4"
The engine is 1.5 scale.
The weight with out batteries is about 180 pounds, I am constantly making improvements so the weight can very, usually higher.
Engine length is 36" X 18 3/8" wide and 24" from top of track to the top of the engine.
Both tops are removable, the cab top just lifts off but the front slides towards the front slightly then you can lift it off.
Wheels are 5.25 diameter on the tread and are solid steel and to IBLS standards.
The engine has no brakes at this time, not sure if it ever will, most people I know brake from the caboose and cars, less chance of derailing.
This engine is a proven good running machine, speed is about 10 mph. depending on the sprocket ratio, which can be changed to get more pulling power.


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